Permitted Facility Emissions and Stack Data
from our ISTEPS Database

Planning Branch - Air Division

On-Line Searchable Database of Permitted Facility Emissions and Stack Data (Isteps Database)

This ISTEPS database consists of facility permitted (allowable) emissions and data, based on the latest permit for the facility. Actual emissions for a facility, in compliance with its permit, will be at or less than these levels, but this information is not available on this database or any other currently available ADEQ database.

Every effort made to provide accurate data, but due to the limitations of the database and its uses, the information may not totally reflect events at a particular source. For definitive information, the permit and/or the permit application should be reviewed. Permits are available on-line for most sources, permit application information is available at our Central Files location.  Please refer to the Public Outreach and Assistance Division section of the web site.

General notes:

Pollutants are identified by name, chemical structure or number. Pollutants that are indicated by numbers refer to the CAS number or Chemical Abstract Service number, a system used to identify any chemical by a unique number.
A stack designates that there is an actual stack or point exhaust, as opposed to a fugitive or general emission area. Stacks have height, diameter, exhaust temperature and flow. Stacks are associated with points, though a point does not necessarily have a stack.
A point is a specific activity or piece of equipment, for example a spray booth or boiler. Many points have multiple pollutants. Numbering convention is 3 digits XYX, the first two (2) digits designate a unique point, the third digit is pollutant identifier.  For example 021 is SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide) on point 02, and 023 would be CO (Carbon Monoxide) emissions on the same point.
Not all points have a stack associated with them.

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