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Ozone Action Days

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Daily round trip commute distance: Example: Daily round trip commute distance in miles 20 (you type 20)
Days worked per month: Example: Days worked per month 20 (you type 20)
Miles per gallon of auto: Example: Miles per gallon 24 (you type in 24)
Cost per gallon of gas: Example: The cost of gas per gallon $1.24 (you would type 1.24)
Monthly parking cost: Example: Monthly parking cost $120 (you type 120)
Round-trip fare for transit: (Such as Bus or Train if not driving) Example: Round-trip transit fare $3.00 (you type 3.00)
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Cost Analysis

Potential Savings Per Week vs. Driving Alone

Traveled each month: Mode 1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days
Gas consumption: Bike/Walk
Cost of gas each month: Bus/Train
Monthly car maintenance:
(Based on National Average of
5c/Mile Maint. + 1.8c/Mile Tires)
 (With 1 person)
Total spent each month: You could save up to each year!
Total spent each year:
Daily driving commute cost: