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All businesses today, whether they are large corporations or “mom and pop” establishments, are faced with complex environmental regulations. ADEQ recognizes that the best way to balance environmental excellence and economic growth in Arkansas is to work with businesses in a cooperative spirit.

Here are some of the ways we can help:

For more information, read these ADEQ publications:

Permit Assistance

The Public Outreach and Assistance Division’s Business Assistance staff can analyze your facility’s industrial processes to help you determine whether ADEQ permits are required. We’ll help you identify the information that must be submitted with permit applications.

Compliance Assistance

Business Assistance provides compliance audits to help you determine whether your industrial processes meet regulatory requirements.

In addition, our staff provides information and assistance in:


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Regulatory And Environmental Education

Our staff can tailor information and presentations to your needs. Our programs range from general overviews of environmental issues and program opportunities, to detailed how-to’s for permit processes, handling wastes, and other activities.

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Green-bag lunches

A new series of “green-bag” lunches will help industry leaders learn from each other how to save energy, prevent pollution and conserve resources, all while helping their bottom lines.

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Links To Assistance Providers

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Core Values

  • Being respectful toward business owners and their employees
  • Focusing our efforts on goals and objectives that provide maximum value to business
  • Seeking out new and innovative solutions to problems
  • Demonstrating a high level of technical and professional competence
  • Representing ADEQ as an integrated source of assistance and information

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For More Information, Please Contact:

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Business Assistance
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