Solid Waste Management Division

Benjamin Jones, Chief - (501) 682-0600

The Solid Waste Management Division is responsible for regulating the handling, processing and disposal of non-hazardous solid waste. The Solid Waste Management Division is organized into three branches:

  • The Enforcement and Inspection Branch is the enforcement arm of the Division. It is responsible for ensuring permitted facilities are operating according to federal and state requirements along with specific requirements identified in the permit. The branch also investigates and coordinates citizens’ complaints regarding illegal dumping with the Solid Waste Management Boards/Districts and attempts to identify those responsible for the illegal activities. Civil penalties proposed in Notices of Violation (NOV) are determined by ADEQ’s Uniform Penalty Policy.
  • The Programs Branch provides administrative, financial and programmatic assistance to the division. It provides assistance to the division and to the public pursuant to regulation and legislation proposals, updates, changes and amendments. It manages the Waste Tire Management Program and the licensure programs for Solid Waste Management Facility Operators and Illegal Dump Control Officers. The Programs Branch oversees the plans and needs assessments of the eighteen (18) Regional Solid Waste Management Districts throughout the State. It also provides the division assistance on special projects as needed.
  • The Technical Branch provides technical assistance during facility permitting and is primarily responsible for permitting all solid waste management facilities. Permits are required for various classes of landfills, composting, transfer stations, material recovery and waste tire processing facilities. The Technical Branch is also responsible for Post Closure Trust Fund [PCTF] activities.

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Contact Information

Chief:  Benjamin Jones  (501) 682-0600
Enforcement:  Scott McWilliams (501) 682-0582
Inspections: Heidi Love (501) 682-0597
Program Branch:  Susan Speake  (501) 682-0594
Technical Branch:  Bryan Leamons  (501) 682-0601

Fax:  (501) 682-0880
Street Address:  5301 Northshore Drive
North Little Rock, AR 72118-5317

Mission Statement

To protect the environment and enhance the welfare of the citizens of Arkansas by effective solid waste management through the Division’s enforcement, planning, permitting, recycling and grants programs.