Subsurface Wastewater Disposal

Waste Management Plan

To ensure proper installation and operation of the subsurface disposal and/or leachfield systems, ADEQ requires that the Waste Management Plan be signed and approved by either an Arkansas registered professional engineer or an Arkansas Department of Health designated representative.

Land Use Contract/ Deed/ Lease

Proof of ownership or control of land must be submitted to the department for all land to be permitted for waste utilization under the waste management plan. One the following is required:

  • a copy of the deed or other legal documentation of ownership
  • a copy of the lease agreement with the landowner granting control of the land for the purpose proposed in the application
  • a land use contract

Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) Notification Letter

Applicants for new facilities or permit modifications to add land applications sites must notify the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) Division of Engineering that an application has been sent to ADEQ. This notice must include a complete set of area maps (pop up area maps description) indicating the facility location and all land application sites and description (type, size, etc.) of the operation. The notice should be mailed to:

Arkansas Department of Health
Engineering Division, Slot #37
4815 West Markham Avenue
Little Rock, AR 72205

A copy of the letter transmitting the above documents to ADH must be submitted to ADEQ with application.