5-Day Notice of Intent for Renewal of ARG550000

This is to give notice that the Permits Branch of the Water Office has received a complete renewal recertification Notice of Intent (NOI) from the applicants listed in the table below in order to continue coverage under the 2014 renewal of Individual Treatment System NPDES General Permit ARG550000.

In accordance with Part I.7.a of the NPDES General Permit ARG550000, the public will have five business days after the publication date (please see table below) to review and comment on an NOI. The comments will be accepted until 4:30 p.m. (Central Time) of the final day of the five-day comment period. DEQ will review comments received during this period and, if necessary, require the applicant to revise the NOI. If determined appropriate by DEQ, the operator will be granted coverage under this general permit upon written notification by DEQ.

Notification of Notice of Intent for NPDES General Permit
Renewal of ARG550000 for Individual Treatment Systems for Domestic Waste (Non-Industrial)

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Permittee Name Permit Number AFIN Date Renewal NOI
Deemed Complete
Publication Date Renewal NOI County
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Jacki McMahon ARG550323 30-00603 03/30/2020 03/31/2020 Renewal NOI  Hot Spring
Shakenya Malone ARG550452 70-01430 03/25/2020 03/26/2020 Renewal NOI  Union
Jess Lockey ARG550365 70-01356 02/26/2020 02/27/2020 Renewal NOI  Union
TMS International Ozark Services, LLC ARG550506 47-01006 06/17/2019 06/18/2019 Renewal NOI  Mississippi
Anthony Forest Products Company, LLC ARG550398 70-00473 05/28/2019 05/29/2019 Renewal NOI  Union
Anthony Forest Products Company, LLC ARG550540 70-00473 05/24/2019 05/25/2019 Renewal NOI  Union