Air Division

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Arkansas Pollution Control & Ecology Commission Regulations which cover the Air Division

Regulation 7 (PDF File)

Civil Penalties, provides guidance for the assessment of civil penalties for the violation of any air pollution regulation.

Regulation 9 (PDF File)

Regulation for the Fee System for Environmental Permits, authorizes the collection and enforcement of permit fees and authorizes their use to defray the costs of operating the Department.

Regulation 18 (PDF File)

Arkansas Air Pollution Code, is applicable to any source which emits or has the potential to emit any air contaminant as defined in the regulation.  It is constructed in a manner that promotes a streamlined permitting process, alleviating regulatory costs, allowing flexibility in maintaining compliance with regulatory mandates and is not federally enforceable.

Regulation 19 (PDF File)

Regulations of the Arkansas Plan of Implementation for Air Pollution Control, is applicable to any stationary source which has the potential to emit any federally regulated air pollutant equal to or in excess of the threshold for a major source and is federally enforceable.

Regulation 26 (PDF File)

Regulations of the Arkansas Operating Air Permit Program, is intended to meet the requirements of title V of the Federal Clean Air Act and 40 CFR Part 70 by establishing a comprehensive state air quality permitting program for major sources of air contaminants emissions. Permits issued under Regulation 26 will address all applicable air contaminant emissions and regulatory requirements in a single document.

Regulation 31 (PDF File)

Nonattainment New Source Review Requirements, applies to any new major stationary source or major modification that is major for the pollutant for which the area is designated nonattainment under for any national ambient air quality standard.