Public Outreach and Assistance Division

Katherine Benenati, Chief - (501) 682-0821

We help Arkansans understand and become more involved in environmental protection. Our environmental, business and public outreach specialists provide information and easy access to ADEQ's programs and resources.

The Public Outreach and Assistance Division assists citizens, businesses, government entities, students and teachers, and the news media. We offer educational materials, speakers and presentations. We strive to inform citizens, through public notices and news releases, about opportunities to participate in ADEQ's permitting and regulation-forming processes. The Division also manages the bulk of the agency's non-active files and makes those records available to the public. We also coordinate the Arkansas Environmental Stewardship Award…the ENVY of Arkansas.

We value your participation and pledge to assist you in a prompt and courteous manner.

Contact Information

Chief  Katherine Benenati  (501) 682-0821
ADEQ Helpline:  Public Outreach and Assistance  (501) 682-0923
Business Assistance:  Andrea Hopkins  (501) 682-0820
Public Information:  Doug Szenher  (501) 682-0915
Public Outreach:  Becky Allison  (501) 682-0978
Environmental Records Review:  Kelly Robinson  (501) 682-0916
FOIA Request:  Kelly Robinson  (501) 682-0916
Watershed Outreach and Education:   Raven Lawson (501) 682-0022
GIS Coordinator:   Randy Puckett (501) 682-0956
Recycling:   Robert Hunter (501) 682-0609
Market Development:   Teresa Bechtel (501) 682-0588

Fax:  (501) 682-0880
Street Address:  5301 Northshore Drive
North Little Rock, AR 72118-5317

Mission Statement

To seek and implement new and more efficient ways to utilize agency resources, enhance effectiveness and provide customers with easy access to the information and services of this agency.