Instructions: Online Complaint Reporting Form

Owner / Location Information

Please be as exact and specific as possible. If you can't provide an exact address, include information such as the distance from road and whether the concern is visible from the road. Describe landmarks such as nearby streams, buildings and roads.

Please check all items that apply

Please check all items that apply. You can add descriptions of materials dumped or other additional information which may be of help to our inspectors in the Description of Problem field below.

Description of Problem

Describe your complaint in detail. Include as much factual information as possible. Include any known dates, times, witnesses, types of materials or substances involved, and previous corrective actions that have been taken.

Air Complaint: For example, does it involve air pollution activities such as burning of garbage or rubbish? Or does it involve the releasing of smoke or other particulate matter from a facility?

Asbestos Complaint: For example, does it involve the demolition or renovation without proper precautions of an old building that could contain asbestos?

Hazardous Waste Complaint: For example, does it involve the spilling or dumping of used oil or a hazardous waste?

Mining Complaint: For example, how long has mining activity been taking place? Can you provide an estimate of the number of dump trucks in/out of the mine per day? Can you provide the names of rivers or creeks being affected? Can you provide the names or numbers of roads, streets or highways affected? For coal mines that are affected by blasting, do you have the address or location of the property or structures damaged by blasting?

Petroleum Product Spills and Leaks: For example, are you reporting a fuel spill, or do you have water in your gasoline tank?

Solid Waste / Illegal Dumps Complaint: For example, does it involve the improper storage or dumping of household waste?

Water Complaint: For example, does it involve stormwater runoff from construction sites or industrial facilities, or discharges of treated or untreated wastewater?

Harmful Algae Bloom Complaint:

For example, an area of a waterbody, typically a cove on a lake or reservoir, that is covered by bluish-green scum or thick mat.

What is a harmful algae bloom? Every healthy waterbody contains microscopic algae. Under certain conditions, rapid growth of an algal species can form a visible scum or mat near or on the water’s surface.
Harmful Algae Bloom

Do algae blooms pose a health risk? Yes. Some blooms produce toxic substances that can cause, vomiting, diarrhea, skin rashes, and paralysis. Toxic blooms are caused by a group of algae called “blue-greens” or cyanobacteria. These events are known as “Harmful Algae Blooms”. Cyanobacteria don’t always produce toxins, but it is not possible to tell just by looking at the bloom. It’s best to avoid contact with water if you see an algal bloom.

The complaint submission should include a detailed description of bloom location, color, size, any distinct odors, and should be accompanied with photos. Your submissions will provide useful data on tracking bloom occurrence throughout the state.

Nuisance Algae Bloom Complaint:

For example, an area of waterbody, typically a stream or river, that is covered by dense vegetation that may or may not be attached to the stream bottom. Nuisance algae is often very dark green and can stretch up to 1 meter (3ft) in length.

What is nuisance algae bloom? Nuisance algal blooms are blooms formed from algal species that don’t produce toxins. These blooms are still not good for the waterbody because they still consume a lot of oxygen and shade out light that would be available to other plants.
Nuisance Algae Bloom

Do algae blooms pose a health risk? Aside from being aesthetically displeasing, nuisance algae pose little human health risk. Tracking nuisance blooms will provide useful data on occurrence and distribution of these events throughout the state.

Your Information (Optional)

Note: Giving us your name, address, phone number, and/or email address is optional. Please note that your information, including your voluntary contact information, questions, comments, or complaints, becomes public record subject to public disclosure under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act. (Refer to our privacy policy.) Therefore, if you wish to remain anonymous, DO NOT provide your name and contact information when you send us your complaints. We will investigate your complaint even if it is submitted anonymously.