30-Day Public Notice for MS4

The following 30-day public notice is based on Section 2.4 of the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) General Permit ARR040000. After review of the required submitted documents for permit coverage, DEQ is giving the public access to the Notices of Intent (NOI) for a period of 30-days from the date the NOI is deemed complete as listed in the table below.

If any comments or requests for public hearing are received from the public during the 30-day comment period, then the operator of the MS4 must, prior to permit coverage issuance:

  • Provide the MS4's responses to any unresolved public comments on the NOI received either by the MS4 during local participation and involvement efforts or by DEQ during DEQ’s public participation process to DEQ within 30 days of the director’s request. Responses provided by the MS4 will be considered as part of DEQ’s decision-making process.
  • Modify or include a schedule to modify the Stormwater Management Plan as necessary after consideration of the public comments on the Renewal NOI or as required by the director in response to such comments.

A public hearing will be held when DEQ finds a significant degree of public interest.

30 Day Public Notice for New MS4

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Permittee Name Permit Number AFIN Date NOI
Deemed Complete
Date Public
Comment Period Ends
NOI County Contact Information
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City of El Dorado ARR040061 88-01594 10/16/2019 11/16/2019 NOI  Union Paul Choate, Mayor
P.O. Box 2170
El Dorado, AR 71730
Phone: (870) 862-7911
Email: execsecretary@eldorado.org
City of Arkadelphia ARR040064 10-00514 10/03/2019 11/3/2019 NOI  Clark DeAnna Graves, Building Department Supervisor
700 Clay Street
Arkadelphia, AR 71923
Phone: (870) 246-1818
Email: deanna.graves@arkadelphia.gov
City of Mountain Home ARR040063 88-01563 12/19/2018 1/19/2019 NOI  Baxter Arnold Knox, Street Department Director
720 South Hickory
Mountain Home, AR 72653
Phone: (870) 425-4708
Email: aknox@cityofmountainhome.com
City of Siloam Springs ARR040062 88-01536 7/20/2018 8/20/2018 NOI  Benton Kevin Moore, City Engineer
P.O. Box 80
Siloam Springs, AR 72761
Phone: (479) 238-0944
Email: kmoore@siloamsprings.com
University of Central Arkansas ARR040060 88-01550 1/08/2018 2/8/2018 NOI  Faulkner Michelle Ellington, Director of Energy and Sustainability
201 Donaghey Ave
Conway, AR 72035
Phone: (501) 450-3610
Email: mellington@uca.edu
City of Austin ARR040057 88-01452 10/25/2013 11/25/2013 NOI  Lonoke Randy McKenzie, Director of Public Works
P.O. Box 129
Austin, AR 72007
Phone: (501) 941-2648
Email: rmckenzie@austin-ar.com
City of Bella Vista ARR040059 88-01449 9/25/2013 10/26/2013 NOI  Benton Taylor Robertson, Senior Planner
616 West Lancashire Blvd
Bella Vista, AR 72715
Phone: (479) 268-4980
Email: trobertson@bellavistaar.gov
City of Alexander ARR040058 88-01447 9/11/2013 10/12/2013 NOI  Pulaski, Saline Crystal Herrmann, Mayor
P.O. Box 610
Alexander, AR 72002
Phone: (501) 455-2585
Email: mayor@cityofalexander.org
City of Ward ARR040056 88-01441 7/22/2013 8/22/2013 NOI  Lonoke Jason McKee, Jason McKee, Code Enforcement Officer
P.O. Box 237
Ward, AR 72176
Phone: (501) 843-7686
Email: wardcodeenforcement@cityofward.com
City of Tontitown ARR040049 72-02164 7/10/2013 8/10/2013 NOI  Washington James Clark, Public Works Director
P.O. Box 305
Tontitown, AR 72770
Phone: (479) 361-2700
Email: pwdirector@tontitownar.gov
City of Pea Ridge ARR040047 88-01438 6/06/2013 7/7/2013 NOI  Benton Nathan See, Mayor
P.O. Box 10
Pea Ridge, AR 72751
Phone: (479) 451-1122
Email: Nathan.See@cityofpearidge.com
City of Mayflower ARR040053 88-01437 6/06/2013 7/7/2013 NOI  Faulkner Randy Holland, Mayor
2 Ashmore Street
Mayflower, AR 72106
Phone: (501) 470-1337
Email: randy.holland@mayflowerar.org
City of Alma ARR040051 88-01433 6/06/2013 7/7/2013 NOI  Crawford Jerry Parsons, Chief Building Inspector
804 Fayetteville Ave, Suite B
Alma, AR 72921
Phone: (479) 632-0441
Email: cody@cityofalma.org
City of Prairie Grove ARR040048 88-01439 6/06/2013 7/7/2013 NOI  Washington Troy Enochs, Building Inspector
975 E. Douglas Street
Prairie Grove, AR 72753
Phone: (479) 846-2961
Email: tenochs@prairiegrovear.org
City of Haskell ARR040054 88-01436 6/06/2013 7/7/2013 NOI  Saline Nancy Duren, Public Works Director
2520 Hwy 229
Benton, AR 72015
Phone: (501) 776-2666
Email: nancyduren@cityofhaskell.org
City of Centerton ARR040050 88-01434 6/05/2013 7/6/2013 NOI  Benton Anthony Martinez, Code Enforcement/MS4 Coordinator
P.O. Box 208
Centerton, AR 72719
Phone: (479) 224-6028
Email: amartinez@centertonar.us
City of Cave Springs ARR040052 88-01435 6/04/2013 7/5/2013 NOI  Benton Andrew Williams, Public Works Director
P.O. Box 36
Cave Springs, AR 72718
Phone: (479) 248-1040
Email: andrew.williams@cavespringsar.gov