NStEP Application Info

NStEP is open to all Arkansas organizations with a minimum of twenty full-time employees. Eligible entities include manufacturers, institutions of higher education, municipalities, government agencies, and non-profits. An entity wishing to apply for membership in NStEP should follow the procedures set forth in Section IV of the NStEP Handbook.

Applications are accepted throughout the year. Applicants should submit the application electronically through E&E’s ePortal system. Upon submittal, the applicant will receive an acknowledgment that the application was received. If the application is complete, then it will be reviewed for compliance with state and federal environmental regulations. If the applicant meets the compliance-related requirements for membership (see the table below), then the application will be sent to the Chief Administrator of the Environment for approval. If approved, the applicant will receive a welcome letter in the mail signed by the Chief Administrator of the Environment. The acceptance letter will direct the entity to the Project/Report Form. They will then submit an environmental project(s) for consideration within two weeks of acceptance into the program. The project(s) submitted will be reviewed by technical experts within the division for approval.

The agency has ninety days from the receipt of a complete application to notify the applicant in writing of membership approval or denial. There is no formal appeal of the chief administrator's final eligibility decision. An entity that has been denied acceptance into NStEP may reapply for consideration at any time.

Membership Categories

There are four membership categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Eligible Applicants

Compliance-related requirements for an entity that voluntarily seeks a designation in one of the four program tiers of the NStEP can be found in the table below.


Proposal Report Form

Upon acceptance into the program, entities will then submit an environmental project(s) for consideration. The project(s) submitted will be reviewed by technical experts within the Department for approval.

An annual progress report will be due each year on the anniversary date of acceptance into the NStEP.

Environmental Project Proposal/ Report Forms: