Laws & Regulations

Established in 2019 as part of the Transformation and Efficiencies Act of 2019 (Act 910), the new umbrella agency called the Arkansas Department of Energy and Environment (E&E) absorbed the former Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ), which is now named the Division of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and retains its function as Arkansas's regulatory body in the area of environmental protection. The regulations adopted by the Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission (APC&EC) are the basis for DEQ's permitting, monitoring and enforcement programs, public involvement activities and other services.

Regulation Division Effective Date
Regulation 1 Water November 17, 2018
Prevention of Pollution by Oil Field Waste
Rule 2 Water May 7, 2022
Regulation Establishing Water Quality Standards for Surface Waters of the State of Arkansas, as revised
Regulation 3 Water March 15, 2008
Licensing of Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators, as revised
Regulation 4 Water July 7, 1973
Regulation to Require a Disposal Permit for Real Estate Subdivisions in Proximity to Lakes and Streams, as revised
Regulation 5 Water September 18, 2015
Liquid Animal Waste Management Systems, as revised
Regulation 6 Water September 18, 2015
Regulations For State Administration Of The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), as revised
Regulation 7 Legal August 21, 1992
Civil Penalties, as revised
Regulation 8 Legal February 28, 2009
Administrative Procedures, as revised
Regulation 9 Legal October 8, 2017
Permit Fee Regulations, as revised
Regulation 10 REPEALED January 19, 2002
Regulation Governing the Revolving Loan Fund Program
The program has been transferred to the Arkansas Soil & Water Conservation Commission. (Legislated by Act 459 of 2001 Regular Session.)
 View the Commission Minute Order.
Regulation 11 Solid Waste Management June 10, 2014
Regulations for Solid Waste Disposal Fees; Landfill Post-Closure Trust Fund; Solid Waste Management and Recycling Fund Distribution; and Recycling Grant Programs, as revised
Regulation 12 Regulated Storage Tanks September 08, 2018
Storage Tank Regulations, as revised.
Regulation 13 REPEALED April 22, 2006
The provisions have been incorporated into Regulation 9
Regulation 14 REPEALED December 7, 2018
The provisions have been incorporated into Regulation 36
Regulation 15 Regulations for Arkansas Open-Cut Mining and Land Reclamation, as revised February 13, 2014
The Arkansas Open-Cut Mining and Land Reclamation Code, as revised
Regulation 16 POA, Market Development August 15, 2004
Regulation of the State of Arkansas for Waste Reduction, Reuse, or Recycling Tax Credits, as revised
Regulation 17 Water February 14, 2005
Arkansas Underground Injection Control Code, as revised
Regulation 18 Air March 14, 2016
Arkansas Air Pollution Control Code, as revised
Rule 19 Air May 6, 2022
Regulations of the Arkansas Plan of Implementation for Air Pollution Control, as revised
Regulation 20 Surface Mining and Reclamation September 26, 2002
The Arkansas Surface Coal Mining and Reclamation Code, as revised
Regulation 21 Air, Asbestos September 11, 2015
Arkansas Asbestos Abatement Regulation, as revised
Regulation 22 Solid Waste Management April 26, 2008
Solid Waste Management Rules, as revised
Regulation 23 Hazardous Waste October 2, 2020
Hazardous Waste Management, as revised
Regulation 24 REPEALED September 1, 2007
The provisions have been incorporated into Regulation 22
Regulation 25 REPEALED July 27, 2013
Regulation Governing the Lead-Based Paint Activities has been repealed. This program has been transferred to the Arkansas Department of Health. (Legislated by Act 1011 of 2011 Regular Session).
Regulation 26 Air March 14, 2016
Regulations of the Arkansas Operating Air Permit Program, as revised
Regulation 27 Solid Waste Management July 9, 2020
Licensing of Operators of Solid Waste Management Facilities and Environmental Officers, as revised
Regulation 28 Recycling December 23, 2004
Regulation of the State of Arkansas for County Recycling Programs, as revised
Regulation 29 Hazardous Waste December 19, 2014
Brownfield Redevelopment, as revised
Regulation 30 Hazardous Waste October 18, 2018
Arkansas Remedial Action Trust Fund Hazardous Substances Site Priority List, as revised
Regulation 31 Air May 28, 2006
Nonattainment New Source Review Requirements, as revised
Regulation 32 Hazardous Waste May 26, 2008
Environmental Professional Certification, as revised
Regulation 33 Air June 18, 2010
Motor Vehicle Racing Facility Regulations, as revised
Regulation 34 Water September 26, 2011
State Water Permit Regulation, as revised
Regulation 36 Tires August 13, 2018
Used Tire Recycling and Accountability Program