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Final Drilling Study Report

UPDATE: ADEQ will continue to accept questions regarding the C&H Drilling Study through December 16 at noon. This will provide additional time to develop informed questions. We will respond to questions at a reasonable time both during and after the question period.

Harbor Environmental and Safety presented the results from its drilling study at C&H Hog Farms December 1, 2016, in a briefing with ADEQ, which was open to the public. Questions were not taken at the presentation to allow the public to review the report and develop informed questions. ADEQ will make an announcement regarding its conclusions following the completion of the review of the final report. Interested parties are encouraged to evaluate the report and to submit their questions to drillingstudyquestions@adeq.state.ar.us. The question period will remain open until noon on Friday, December 16, 2016. ADEQ will review the questions and provide feedback.

New General Permit for Air Curtain Incinerators

The Office of Air Quality has developed a new general permit for air curtain incinerators to simplify the permitting process. An air curtain incinerator is an unit operating by forcefully projecting a curtain of air across an open, integrated combustion chamber (fire box) or open pit or trench (trench burner) in which combustion occurs. Air curtain incinerators covered under this general permit only burn wood waste, clean lumber, yard waste, or a mixture of all three, depending on the restrictions of the permit. To obtain an Air Curtain General Permit, the applicant need only submit a Notice of Intent instead of a full permit application. For information on the permit and the application, visit General Air Permits.


ADEQ is accepting proposals for funding assistance from the current Reduce Emissions from Diesels (Go RED!) program. We have approximately $600,000 available in “Go RED!” funds to award to public and private entities and nonprofit organizations in Arkansas.

This emissions reduction program provides funding assistance to eligible entities for replacement or retrofitting of diesel engines and diesel-powered vehicles resulting in the reduction of emissions. Projects that are selected for awards must reduce diesel emissions in Arkansas by employing measures such as exhaust controls, engine upgrades, idle reduction technologies, engine replacement and vehicle/equipment replacement.

More information, including the current Applicant Guide, can be found on the ADEQ Go RED! page.

State of the Air

The ADEQ Office of Air Quality has prepared a 2016 retrospective report, fact sheet and slide show describing the state of air quality in Arkansas during the past decade.

ADEQ Requests Reconsideration of Regional Haze Federal Implementation Plan

On November 22, 2016, the Attorney General filed a request on behalf of ADEQ for reconsideration of EPA’s Regional Haze Federal Implementation Plan for the State of Arkansas. Among other issues, ADEQ requests that EPA reconsider mandating the installation of certain controls on Entergy’s Independence facility based on 2015 data that shows the State is already exceeding its 2018 visibility improvement goal and reconsider allowing the use of EPA’s Cross State Air Pollution Rule to meet certain requirements under the Rule. In addition, ADEQ requests an administrative stay pending resolution of the issues presented in its request.

2017 Environmental Awards

ADEQ is now accepting entries for the Arkansas Environmental Stewardship Award (the ENVY) and the Arkansas Environmental Technology Award (the TECHe).

ADEQ Regulated Waste Management and Pollution Prevention Webinar and Workshops

ADEQ is presenting a webinar and three workshops on regulated waste management and pollution prevention. The two-hour training is free, starting January 18 and running through March 14, 2017.

2018 Water Assessment Methodology Review

ADEQ is in Phase II of a three phase review process for the Assessment Methodology in preparation for the 2018 305(b) report and 2018 303(d) list (impaired waterbodies list). A stakeholder workgroup made up of various local, state, and federal government representatives; industrial, municipal, and utility representatives; and conservation and environmental representatives will discuss possible revisions to the current 2016 Assessment Methodology.

Volkswagen Settlement

Arkansas is to receive $13,951,016 from a settlement with Volkswagen to reduce motor vehicle emissions in the state.

Beautiful Buffalo River Action Committee

On September 30, 2016, Governor Asa Hutchinson announced the Beautiful Buffalo River Action Committee. Learn how to get involved and how Arkansas state agencies are planning to address water quality concerns in the Buffalo River Watershed.

ADEQ’s C & H Pond Integrity Evaluation

ADEQ drilling activities at C&H Hog Farms near Mt. Judea have come to a close. Field work was completed by Harbor Environmental and Safety on Monday, September 26, 2016. Harbor anticipates submitting a final findings report to ADEQ by January 2017.

Air Monitoring at Georgia-Pacific

Georgia-Pacific, in cooperation with Region 6 of the EPA, ADEQ, and Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) is voluntarily conducting an ambient air monitoring assessment for hydrogen sulfide in Crossett.

Submit applications for ADEQ’s annual environmental awards now through February 24, 2017.

ADEQ offers free weekly hands-on, computer-based NetDMR training classes. Pre-registration is required.

Environmentally Speaking is a column addressing ways we can preserve and protect our environment.

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