Office of Air Quality

The Office of Air Quality consists of four branches: Permits, Compliance, Policy and Planning, and Asbestos and Enforcement. Each branch of the Office of Air Quality has specific duties and addresses various aspects of the air program. The branches work together to meet Arkansas’s federal obligations under the Clean Air Act; and protect air quality to enhance the lives and health of all Arkansans and visitors to the State, while fostering responsible economic expansion opportunities.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Developing and implementing programs designed to ensure compliance with federal air quality regulations
  • Developing state rules governing air quality
  • Regulating pollutant emissions from industries and facilities through a permitting program that sets emission limits protective of public health
  • Monitoring ambient air quality in Arkansas through deployment and maintenance of a statewide monitoring network
  • Investigating complaints and violations of State and federal air quality laws
  • Preparing and issuing air quality forecasts to help the public limit exposure to harmful pollutant levels

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2017 State of the Air Dashboard