ADEQ’s Offices for Environmental Quality

ADEQ has five offices of operations. There are three regulatory program offices: Air Quality, Land Resources, and Water Quality. There are also two support offices: the Office of Law and Policy and the Office of Operations and Outreach.

Office of Air Quality

The Office of Air Quality regulates industries that emit air pollutants. The Air Quality – Asbestos Section ensures the proper precautions are followed in the demolition or renovation of old buildings that could contain asbestos.

Office of Land Resources

The Office of Land Resources regulates activities to ensure that Arkansas’s land is protected.

Office of Water Quality

The Office of Water Quality regulates stormwater runoff and industrial discharges.

Office of Law & Policy

The Office of Law and Policy includes employees who take care of legal orders, policy analysis, communications, FOIA requests, records management, business assistance, and supplemental environmental projects (SEPs).

Office of Operations & Outreach