Laboratory and Monitoring Services

Each year thousands of samples—soil, water, fish, hazardous substances and more—are analyzed in Arkansas Department of Energy and Environment (ADEE) Division of Environmental Quality’s (DEQ’s) state-of-the art laboratory. The resulting data is invaluable to Arkansans who want to learn more about the mercury levels of fish in their favorite fishing holes or about the air quality in a given town.

Air Chemistry Laboratory

The Air Chemistry lab operates a statewide monitoring network, including necessary repair, maintenance and quality control activities. The monitoring network provides the data to measure attainment status of both state and national ambient air quality standards. Pollutants including lead, ozone, particulates (PM10 and PM2.5 or PM fine), and oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide are monitored at specific sites around the state. The values are used by the DEQ’s Air Office to determine if air quality is within the guidelines set by EPA. Data collected is entered into EPA’s national database.

Environmental Multimedia Laboratory

Employees in the Laboratory and Monitoring Services' environmental laboratory also analyze samples from wastewater plants to ensure compliance and from ground water for aquifer protection. They analyze ambient water quality data collected from hundreds of monitoring stations around the state.

Whether you are a citizen wanting to know the quality of the lake, river or stream near you or an environmental consultant needing information to prepare a permit application for a client, you can download water quality data.

Laboratory Certification Program

DEQ also certifies laboratories in Arkansas and across the US, ensuring that data submitted for development, planning, permitting or other functions in our state meet strict standards.