What is Regulation 21?

In 1990, the State of Arkansas promulgated the Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission Regulation 21 (the Arkansas Asbestos Abatement Regulation). This regulation was developed to regulate work practices during demolitions and renovations of facilities, as well as to license asbestos supervisors and workers.

The regulation was revised in 1997 to regulate work practices during demolitions, renovations, and response actions; certify contractor/supervisors, inspectors, management planners, project designers, air monitors, and workers; license asbestos training providers, contractors, and consultants; and establish a fee system.

Regulation 21 was revised, and the Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission approved the revision on September 28, 2011. The revised regulation took effect October 8, 2011. A red-line—strike-out version of the new regulation shows the regulation changes the Commission adopted in September 2011. Deleted sections are struck through, and new sections are underlined in red.

Asbestos Application and Notice Forms

These forms may be printed, signed and then submitted to ADEQ. If there is insufficient space on the forms, additional pages may be attached.

Asbestos Notice of Intent (NOI)

Asbestos Certification

Asbestos Contractor and/or Consultant License

Asbestos Trainer License

Other Asbestos Forms

Regulation 21 Changes

The Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission recently adopted revisions to Regulation 21, the Arkansas Asbestos Abatement Regulation at its August 28th meeting. The revised regulations subsequently went into effect on September 11, 2015. The process to revise Regulation 21 began informally nearly five years ago, with the establishment of public outreach efforts that included holding stakeholder meetings with those individuals and entities most impacted by the proposed revisions and underwent a rigorous and robust public process. Several of the lesser changes were typographical.