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Arkansas Storage Tanks
RST Facilities
Active Facilities: 4941
Inactive Facilities: 8980
Total Facilities: 13921
Active Facilities with Aboveground Tanks: 2145
Active Facilities with Underground Tanks: 3452
Active Facilities with Temp Out-of-Use Tanks: 482
Active Facilities with Permanently Out-of-Use Tanks: 1973
Aboveground Tanks
In-Use Tanks: 5008
Temporarily Out-of-Use Tanks: 92
Permanently Out-of-Use Tanks: 4770
Total Aboveground Tanks: 9870
Hazardous Material Tanks-- In-Use or Temporarily Out-of-Use: 48
Hazardous Material Tanks-- Permanently Out-of-Use: 77
Underground Tanks
In-Use Tanks: 6677
Temporarily Out-of-Use Tanks: 1000
Permanently Out-of-Use Tanks: 22596
Total Underground Tanks: 30273
Tanks with Release Detection: 6757
Tanks with Corrosion Protection: 6678
Tanks with Spill/Overflow Protection: 7048
Hazardous Material Tanks- In-Use or Temporarily Out-of-Use: 0
Hazardous Material Tanks- Permanently Out-of-Use: 42
Tanks in Compliance with the 1998 Deadline: 6586
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