Arkansas Energy Performance Contracting (AEPC)

Aging equipment and high utility costs?

Is your organization facing outdated equipment, increasing maintenance and energy costs, and limited budgets? Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) is a tool for paying for efficiency upgrades such as lighting, chillers, boilers, water systems, and renewable generation over time. The Arkansas Energy Office offers assistance to state agencies, institutions of higher learning, municipalities, and counties throughout the seven step EPC program. The program provides an effective and user-friendly process with standardized documents and help every step of the way. The Arkansas EPC Program was directed by law in 2013, developed by industry professionals and financial representatives in 2014, and expanded to include municipalities and counties in 2015.

Energy Performance Contracting is a financing mechanism used to pay for energy efficiency improvements all at once that are then paid back through annual energy savings. The AEO provides technical assistance to state agencies and public institutions of higher learning, helping them navigate the process and ensuring that Pre-Qualified Energy Service Companies (see a list below) maintain the highest levels of quality. Furthermore, the AEO actively provides education and outreach on the components of Energy Performance Contracting, maintains contract documents, and sets industry standards for Energy Service Companies. For a detailed list of how the AEO-approved process works along with a checklist of important milestones and responsibilities, please look at the AEPC Program Manual below. Please contact Energy Finance Program Manager Chet Howland or 501-682-7319 with specific questions or concerns.

The AEPC Program is designed to offer a simple step-by-step approach to public and private partners alike, ensuring that guaranteed energy savings projects are developed in a highly communicative, safe environment. With pre-approved contract documents, procedures and technical support, program participants have help every step of the way. Click the links below for copies of all AEPC program documents.

steps of the aepc program

Step 1: Introduction

Talk with the AEPC program team and/or pre-qualified Energy Service Companies (ESCOs). The program manual and policies and procedures below provide a comprehensive overview of program processes and requirements. If you're a potential fit and comfortable moving forward, sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to get started.

Step 2: ESCO Selection

Choose from pre-qualified ESCOs, who have already agreed to use AEPC contracts and procedures. ESCOs will tour your facilities and then present to your staff. After interviewing, you have the option to select an ESCO and proceed forward.

Step 3: Audit & Project Development

Your selected ESCO will perform an complete audit of facilities, identifying potential energy cost-saving measures. Together, you'll create a baseline of energy consumption and choose which measures to include in the final project.

Step 4: Negotiate a Performance Contract

Work with your ESCO and preferred financial providers to develop a contract and terms of repayment. The Arkansas Development Finance Authority (ADFA) may be able to assist with securing financing. You may choose to combine existing capital, grants, or rebates into one package to stretch your dollars. Tax-exempt municipal leases, revolving loan funds, leasing pools, and power purchase agreements are all common vehicles for financing performance contracts.

Step 5: Construction & Commissioning

​Your ESCO will manage the construction process, and commission projects to ensure proper operations. One of the foremost benefits of the performance contracting process is the guaranteeing of construction costs. ESCOs will negotiate a Guaranteed Maximum (GMAX) price for construction during the project development phase, and are liable for all overruns. In short, do not expect costly unexpected change orders to hinder your project.

Step 6: Project Performance Monitoring

​Following the substantial completion of construction, the performance period begins. The ESCO monitors and verifies that guaranteed savings are being achieved, with oversight from the Arkansas Energy Office and 3rd party auditors if necessary. If there is any shortfall, the ESCO will pay you the difference.

Step 7: Share Results

Work with the Arkansas Energy Office and your ESCO to develop a case study based on your experiences in the AEPC Program. Share your successes and lessons learned with your peers.

If you would like to explore the possibilities of performance contracting for your organization, contact Program Manager Chet Howland and/or any of the pre-qualified Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) below. The following ESCOs were certified to operate in Arkansas after a thorough vetting of finances, organizational structure, past experience, and technical capabilities. All ESCOs have a wide variety of specialities and expertise, so make sure to contact multiple ESCOs. Also, please note that all ESCOs in the AEPC program are reevaluated on an annual basis, to ensure high quality work and commitment to the state.

ESCO Contact Info Address Website
Ameresco Jeff Metcalf
Vice President
Phone: 888-589-8282
Cell: 317-696-5878
Bernhard Energy Tim Staley
Vice President of Operations
Phone: 501-666-6776
Cell: 501-366-8178
1 Allied Dr, Suite 2600
Little Rock, AR 72202
Clear Energy Stan Green
Phone: 479-695-1976
438 E. Millsap Rd
Suite 200
Fayetteville, AR 72703
Energy Systems Group Greg Modlish
Senior Account Executive
Phone: 314-449-8608
Cell: 314-797-9764
501 Union St, Suite 300B
Nashville, TN 37219
Entegrity Matt Bell
Phone: 501-414-0058
Cell: 501-539-1501
1403 E 6th St
Little Rock, AR 72202
Excel Energy Group Colton Churchill
VP of Devlopment
Phone: 479-280-1928
Cell: 479-886-0754
3003 E 17th St
Russellville, AR 72802
Johnson Controls Alex Ray
Building Solutions Executive
Phone: 501-351-0926
10600 Colonel Glenn Rd
Suite 200
Little Rock, AR 72204
McKinstry Skip Woessner
Operations Director - Development
Phone: 972-532-2580
Cell: 817-217-9617
204 Executive Court #209
Little Rock, AR 72205
Noresco Brian Stone
Senior Account Executive
Phone: 615-428-5118
5213 Linbar Drive
Suite 412
Nashville, TN 37211
Opterra Energy Services Drew Eanes
Business Development Manager
Phone: 469-552-8131
12980 Foster St
Suite 400
Overland Park, KS 66213
Performance Services Will Black
Business Development Manager
Phone: 501-353-2299
Cell: 501-690-9618
7691 Northshore Pl
Suite B
Little Rock, AR 72118
Scenic Hill Solar Carrie Kyhl
Director of Business Development
Phone: 501-707-0555
Cell: 228-238-5077
Schneider Electric Scott Hamilton
Regional Sales Manager
Phone: 501-319-2891
Cell: 501-772-7394
900 West Shackleford
Suite 300
Little Rock, AR 72211
Siemens Archie Hall
Phone: 985-722-8000
Today's Power Jennah Dennay
Marketing and PR Coordinator
Phone: 501-400-5548
8110 Scott Hamilton Dr
Little Rock, AR 72209
Trane Arkansas Beau Reynolds
Account Manager - Building Systems
Phone: 501-478-2938
Cell: 501-366-4252
19 Colonel Glenn Plaza Drive
Little Rock, AR 72210