Household Water Assistance – LIHWAP

LIHWAP is a new program under development. Applications to assist low-income households with water bills are not yet being accepted. Program launch is expected in late spring 2022.

The Low-Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP) helps eligible households throughout Arkansas pay their drinking water and wastewater bills, avoid water shut offs, and support reconnections related to nonpayment.

The Arkansas Energy Office (AEO) has been designated the administering agency for LIHWAP and is working to establish the program.

AEO seeking partnership with Water Utility Companies

AEO is seeking to partner with every water utility company in Arkansas to ensure all Arkansans who need LIHWAP Assistance have access to it. Water utility companies who are interested in learning more may email with the subject line WATER to ask questions.

The LIHWAP Model Plan may be viewed here.

LIHWAP Model Plan