Environmental Assistance Low-Interest Loans for Small Businesses

DEQ offers environmental assistance loans for small businesses to purchase equipment or make process changes that fulfill one or more of the following pollution prevention goals:

  • Elimination or reduction of wastes, effluents, and emissions at the source
  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Reuse of materials and recycling
  • Procurement of environmentally preferable products

Arkansas businesses that employ 100 or fewer individuals and demonstrate proof of profitability and an ability to repay the loan are eligible for the environmental assistance loans.

Environmental assistance loans up to $45,000* with loan terms up to ten years are available as:.

  • Pollution Control Loans: Projects to correct or avoid violations of state or federal environmental regulations
  • Pollution Prevention Loans: Projects to reduce or eliminate the generation of pollution or waste at the source
  • Waste Reduction Loans: Projects to handle or process waste materials in such a way that ultimately reduces the total quantity of waste disposed

* A lifetime maximum of $65,000 available to any single business

The loan application includes:

  • A completed loan application
  • Tax returns for the last three years
  • A complete description of and construction cost estimate for the proposed project