The public notices below concern third-party rulemaking proposals to existing Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission regulations, or proposals for new regulations.

The most recent notices appear at the top of the list.

To view a public notice, click on the title of public notice indicated below under the column heading entitled “Title.”

Date Title Division
10/30/2017  Notice of Proposed Changes Reg 30 
10/12/2017  Third-Party Rulemaking Public Hearing City of Huntsville 
08/29/2017  Notice of Emergency Rulemaking Reg 36 
08/01/2017  Public Notice for Regulation 12 Changes 
06/23/2017  Reg 16 Notice of Proposed Regulation Change 
06/07/2017  Notice of Proposed Changes for Regulation 23 
01/30/2017  Notice of Proposed Changes Reg 2 Third-Party 
01/30/2017  Notice of Proposed Third-Party for Reg 2 SWEPCO