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2017 ENVY Award Winner:
Goodwill Industries of Arkansas

Goodwill Industries of Arkansas was chosen as the winner of the 13th annual Arkansas Environmental Stewardship Award, “ENVY Award.” Goodwill Industries focuses on the bottom line—People, Planet and Prosperity. Goodwill diverts an average of twenty-five million pounds of waste annually from our state’s landfills and then reinvests 96% of the revenue generated from the diversion back into our communities by providing education, training, and employment services.

ENVY Award Finalists:

Benton County Environmental Division

Staff from the Benton County Environmental Division is working with seven school districts in sixteen small towns to reach 28,845 students in pre-kindergarten through the 12th grade. The staff teaches recycling through a variety of presentations and events. Some of the programs include “You Can Be An Environmental Hero,” “Earth Day Poetry,” “Reuse Art,” and the Earth Day Pledge and Tree Planting; with games like the Recycle Relay, Three Rs Dice, and Reuse Match Game; and stories like “I Can Save the Earth,” “Michael Recycle,” and “Michael Recycle Meets Litterbug Doug.” They have hole-in-the-face photo stands called Captain Recycle and Eco Woman.

Saline County Regional Solid Waste Management District

The Youth Environmental Ambassadors, known as the “YEA!” Teams, were designed by Recycle Saline: A Solid Waste District. Through the YEA! Teams, students in each of Saline County’s twenty-five schools are educated about environmental issues and participate in hands-on recycling activities, with programs led by school teachers. In 2016, the YEA! Teams collected 58.5706 tons of material from the schools. A separate and single recycling event collected 5180 pounds of plastic bags. Community collection events during one year collected 25,333 pounds of household hazardous waste, 19,752 pounds of electronics, 661 used tires and 41,540 pounds of metals. The YEA! Teams also partner with Recycle Bikes for Kids. In 2016, 343 bicycles were collected and donated.