Environmental Improvement Projects (EIP)

On February 21, 1997  the State of Arkansas General Assembly found that many areas of the state would benefit from long-term environmental remediation projects that significantly improve the effects caused by industrial or extractive activities. However, commitments by private enterprise to remedy such damages are discouraged by the prospect of civil liability based upon rigid application of state water quality standards to the enterprises activities. To address this, the 81st Generally Assembly adopted Act 401 of 1997. The purpose of this act is to preserve the states approach to establishing water quality standards, while also encouraging private enterprises to make significant improvements to closed or abandoned sites that are of such magnitude that more than three (3) years will be required to complete the project.


According to Rule 2.105, the APC&E Commission may, after consideration of information provided pursuant to Appendix B and Ark. Code Ann. § 8-5-901 et seq., grant modifications to the General and Specific Standards or establish a subcategory(ies) of use(s) for completion of long-term Environmental Improvement Projects.

For more information refer to Appendix B in Rule 2.