Facility Permits

The Technical Branch is primarily responsible for permitting all solid waste management facilities. Permits are required for various classes of landfills, composting, transfer stations, material recovery, and waste tire processing facilities to protect from the potentially harmful effects of mismanaged solid waste.

The Technical Branch issues new permits and modifications to existing permits after reviewing and evaluating the permit applications for technical and regulatory compliance. Each permit must comply with the federal and state regulations.

Applicants follow a permitting process and are required to submit permitting fees.

In addition, all Class 1, 3, and 4 landfills are required to submit an Annual Engineering Inspection Report (AEIR). (PDF) (Word)

Financial Issues

Technical Branch engineers have developed template cost estimate worksheets. These forms are provided to clarify or obtain better details of the line item expenses that are generally seen in landfill closure and post-closure care cost estimates. Line items in these forms are neither all-inclusive nor all-applicable for every landfill. Every landfill has different types of expenses to be considered. The certifying engineer should take care to include additional details as necessary.

To minimize the threat of pollution, owners and operators of permitted solid waste facilities are required to provide financial assurance for closure, post-closure care, and corrective action.

The Technical Branch is responsible for Landfill Post-Closure Trust Fund activities and periodically issues memos and reports giving guidance or addressing special issues.