Arkansas Waste Tire Program

Arkansans produce about three million waste tires every year. That's roughly one for every person in the state. ADEQ oversees efforts to properly handle and dispose of waste tires, preferably through recycling.

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Waste Tire Markets

It is a goal of the Arkansas Waste Tire Program to increase recycling and beneficial use of the state’s annually generated scrap tires and decrease land disposal. Each year, ADEQ summarizes tonnage totals by market.

Tonnage totals summarized each year are listed below. Click the year for annual information by market or end-use.

Funding and Program Structure

The program is funded through fees placed on the purchase of new tires and collected by tire dealers for the state Department of Finance and Administration. DFA deposits proceeds into a grant fund administered by ADEQ. Funding goes to waste tire management districts throughout the state. The districts implement all facets of waste tire management — collection, transportation, recycling, disposal, and abatement projects. Pursuant to Regulation 14 and Regulation 27, ADEQ issues permits for waste tire facilities and licenses operators of waste tire processing facilities and waste tire transporters.